BlackBerry Messenger 7 can be downloaded now

By | December 11, 2012

Today RIM has officially launched the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger called BlackBerry Messenger 7. In this version of RIM has added that feature superior fuel Voice, in which every BlackBerry users can make calls for free.

Using voice fuel required to go through a Wi-Fi to connect with friends on BBM contacts. Furthermore, you can also set the Voice BBM status whether it is offline or online.BlackBerry Messenger 7 BlackBerry Messenger 7 can be downloaded now

In addition to the features that brought the BBM Voice version 7, RIM also added a variant of chat emoticon. There are 16 new emoticons that you can use to enliven the thrill chat with BBM.

BlackBerry Messenger 7 is integrated with the BlackBerry ID, so you no longer need to fear losing contact when changing BlackBerry phones, simply log-in with your BlackBerry ID all your contacts will be restored in BlackBerry Messenger 7.