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By | August 24, 2011

Dota is a very popular local network and Internet game. In this Dota game you must choose a side to join. You can join the good, the Sentinel or Scourge the wicked.

The objective of this Dota is to hit the opponent’s base, the tree of life, sentinel or the Frozen Throne Plague in the shortest possible time.

Unlike many other games out there, this Dota takes place on the basis of the social dimension. The task force members with up to 5, you must defeat a team with not only your skills but also their teamwork. This is a team game after all. Often the winner is determined by a decisive battle.

Therefore, each team member must be alert at all times. A minor slip of the team who will most likely cost the game. Teams often consist of one or two main attacks, with the other members take supporting roles. The attackers and defenders are equally important, each with its own function on the computer. Supporters would have to provide coverage while the main attackers go for the kill.

The interesting part of Dota is that it reflects the way we behave in concrete real-life team.

With each member has different roles to play, we must complement each other instead of locking horns in the process.

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With a common goal at hand, a function of the team as a unit, instead of being divided. This is not how each member is strong, but it’s how you use your team spirit to overcome all obstacles as a team.