Wii U Officially Marketed First in the US, Stock Instantly Sold Out

By | November 19, 2012

nintendo wii u1 Wii U Officially Marketed First in the US, Stock Instantly Sold Out

Wii U officially marketed by Nintendo. Premier in the United States before visited other areas. This latest generation of consoles were sold to supply shortages.

Wii U marketed Sunday (11/18) midnight U.S. time. Queues stretched across multiple points of sale, such as the Nintendo World store in New York City.

Limited stock made Nintendo Wii U already show signs of discharged at various stores. Reported by TechRadar, Monday (11/19/2012), some consumers have been difficult to get the goods.

One proof that there are more Wii U sold on auction sites at a price higher than the price that was originally about $300. There are approximately 2,500 Wii U auctioned on eBay.

The new Nintendo console did have significant differences compared to the previous generation of Nintendo consoles. He supports full HD resolution as its competitors, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.

Nintendo Wii U controller is the next great thing on this console. The new controller has a screen that is connected wirelessly to the Wii U.

Amazingly, through this controller players can do the setup or display information of games played while games are being played still appear on the screen.

The Wii U it will go on sale at a $299.99 for Basic Set / $349.99 for Deluxe Set. This price includes a HDMI cable in the sales package